HVAC Air Flow Issues

Air flow issues you could be having within you HVAC System.

A good HVAC system keeps your family comfortable during winter and summer seasons. Sometimes, maintaining a consistent temperature within each room of your home can be difficult. HVAC airflow problems are some of the major causes for an uncomfortable temperature in different parts in your home. That is why you need to remedy these problems to solve the temperature fluctuations in your home. Although some airflow issues are easy to remedy, others may require a comprehensive approach. Solving airflow issues will offer numerous benefits such as improved indoor air quality, reduced energy bills, and a comfortable home for your family. Here are some of the main causes of HVAC air flow issues.

An outdated HVAC design is considered one of the major causes of air flow problems. If you have renovated the space without updating your HVAC system, it could result in air flow issues over time. In fact, the layout or sizing of the ductwork may not be able to efficiently cool the redesigned space. That is why you need to consult an HVAC design expert under such circumstances. Simple ductwork changes can go a long way in improving the HVAC airflow and comfort of your home in the long run. Regular maintenance is very important to mitigate HVAC airflow issues over time.

Repairing leaky air ducts will help solve HVAC air flow issues in your home. The walls of the ducts can develop holes or cracks where air leaks out. On the other hand, the dust that gets past the clogged air filter accumulates in the ductwork – thereby clogging the ductwork. In fact, the build-up of dust makes the ductwork too small for the capacity of the HVAC system. This too can cause air flow issues in the system. After all, blocked and leaky ducts can cause air flow issues in your home.

Clogged air filters are another big problem in most of the HVAC systems. When did you last change the filter of your HCAV system? The filter does an important job of removing the dust and debris from the air and keeping it out of the ducts and the equipment. When the filter gets clogged and overloaded, it impedes the HVAC air flow. On the other hand, debris in the equipment may damage the parts of the system. That is why you need to change the air filter as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Do it at least once a month to prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system.

A sluggish fan can also cause air flow issues in your home. The blower fan of the system helps move air through the ducts as well as throughout your space. If the blower fan is sluggish, it may cause air flow issues in your home. Most of the time, the blower fan becomes coated with grime – which will reduce air flow and slow the operation as a whole. Hence, it is important to clean the fan at regular intervals to prevent such problems.

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