HVAC Air Flow Issues

Air flow issues you could be having within you HVAC System.

A good HVAC system keeps your family comfortable during winter and summer seasons. Sometimes, maintaining a consistent temperature within each room of your home can be difficult. HVAC airflow problems are some of the major causes for an uncomfortable temperature in different parts in your home. That is why you need to remedy these problems to solve the temperature fluctuations in your home. Although some airflow issues are easy to remedy, others may require a comprehensive approach. Solving airflow issues will offer numerous benefits such as improved indoor air quality, reduced energy bills, and a comfortable home for your family. Here are some of the main causes of HVAC air flow issues.

An outdated HVAC design is considered one of the major causes of air flow problems. If you have renovated the space without updating your HVAC system, it could result in air flow issues over time. In fact, the layout or sizing of the ductwork may not be able to efficiently cool the redesigned space. That is why you need to consult an HVAC design expert under such circumstances. Simple ductwork changes can go a long way in improving the HVAC airflow and comfort of your home in the long run. Regular maintenance is very important to mitigate HVAC airflow issues over time.

Repairing leaky air ducts will help solve HVAC air flow issues in your home. The walls of the ducts can develop holes or cracks where air leaks out. On the other hand, the dust that gets past the clogged air filter accumulates in the ductwork – thereby clogging the ductwork. In fact, the build-up of dust makes the ductwork too small for the capacity of the HVAC system. This too can cause air flow issues in the system. After all, blocked and leaky ducts can cause air flow issues in your home.

Clogged air filters are another big problem in most of the HVAC systems. When did you last change the filter of your HCAV system? The filter does an important job of removing the dust and debris from the air and keeping it out of the ducts and the equipment. When the filter gets clogged and overloaded, it impedes the HVAC air flow. On the other hand, debris in the equipment may damage the parts of the system. That is why you need to change the air filter as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Do it at least once a month to prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system.

A sluggish fan can also cause air flow issues in your home. The blower fan of the system helps move air through the ducts as well as throughout your space. If the blower fan is sluggish, it may cause air flow issues in your home. Most of the time, the blower fan becomes coated with grime – which will reduce air flow and slow the operation as a whole. Hence, it is important to clean the fan at regular intervals to prevent such problems.

What To Consider When Painting Wood Siding For Longevity?

Wood siding looks great when it is well-maintained. No matter what type of wood you used for the siding, the lifespan of the siding is affected by the climate you live in. You may have noticed how worn the siding looks when time and adverse weather elements have gotten the upper hand. Excessive heat, moisture, rain, the wind, salty air, direct sunlight, and flying debris can deteriorate the condition of the wood siding in your home. A new paint job can increase the beauty of your home and protect its exterior. This will save you the high cost of repairs down the road. Here are some things to consider when painting wood siding for longevity.

If you don’t want to spend a sizeable amount of your income on costly repairs to the exterior of your home down paint peeling off wood siding examplethe line, you have to guard the wood siding against the adverse weather elements. Applying a new coat of paint is one of the best ways of improving its lifespan and durability over time. A good painting job will enhance the durability of the wood siding. When the siding is left unprotected for a long time, moisture, mold, water infiltration, and rot can take its toll on the siding. That is why you need to properly prepare and paint the siding at the first sign of paint deterioration. A good painting job will turn the siding into an impervious barrier to all adverse weather elements.

A well-maintained siding is important to protect your home over time. A good siding will last for several decades when maintained properly. Since the latest coating systems are more effective compared to older systems, they will protect the siding and improve its durability in the long run. Painting wood siding is not difficult. Here are some tips to consider with your next painting project.

  1. First, you have to peel off the loose paint of the siding. Cover the ground with scraping wood siding. drop cloths to catch the paint chips when peeling the surface.
  2. Sand the surface with 120-grit sandpaper. Peeling old paint can result in the releasing of lead dust. Hence, you should use safety equipment to protect yourself from such dangers.
  3. The next step is to prepare and prime the wood. A polyester resin filler should be used to cover any holes or damaged wood before priming it.
  4. The final step is to paint the wood siding. Use an ultra-premium exterior wood paint for this purpose. Use safety equipment to protect yourself at all times when painting the surface.

I hope you find this post well, please let me know how you make out with your next painting project.

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A Guide To Using PEX Pipe for plumbing

Using PEX pipe for plumbing, is it more expensive? And am I really going to benefit.

What is PEX pipe and why is it so popular in the plumbing world? That’s going to be what you will get answered here. That way, you can know if it’s right for you and the work you do.

PEX doesn’t take as long to install as copper. In fact, you can think of it like hooking up a hose and then running it to various fixtures in a dwelling. This is a lot better than having to solder copper joints which is slower and can cause more errors.

Copper costs more than PEX. It is around a third of what they charge for copper in most areas, and you can pass the savings on to your clients. It may take a little bit of a unique setup tool, however, to use PEX but for most jobs that are medium sized and up it should work great.

There are three different colors to choose from when using PEX pipe. There is red, blue, and white. If you want to use the colors you can use red for hot and blue for cold. Other people are good at keeping track of what is what and they like to use the white variation for everything.

To splice PEX into a pipe that’s already there, you just have to cut a section and use a stab-in tee on it. You don’t have to solder, and that helps you to save time. But, you may have to speak with an inspector if you are working on certain connections since they aren’t allowed sometimes.

PEX doesn’t need to be split up with joints and elbows. You also don’t have to worry about it sweating when it’s in an area where humidity is a problem. The way to add a fitting is to crimp metal rings over fittings that are barbed. There is a special crimping tool that you need, so be sure you get the right one.

When using PEX piping, you need to buy the right connectors and fittings. A lot of companies manufacture this kind of thing, so you need to know that what you have matched up with everything else. Otherwise, you may end up with leaky connections that cause water damage.

The plumber I spoke with, (the best plumber in Guelph might I add) said that although PEX pipe is more expensive to purchase it is less labor intensive because they don’t’ have to solder every joint.

PEX piping, as you can now see, it is very easy to benefit from. If you have a plumbing job to do, you now know more about this and can decide if it’s going to work in your situation.