A Guide To Using PEX Pipe for plumbing

Using PEX pipe for plumbing, is it more expensive? And am I really going to benefit.

What is PEX pipe and why is it so popular in the plumbing world? That’s going to be what you will get answered here. That way, you can know if it’s right for you and the work you do.

PEX doesn’t take as long to install as copper. In fact, you can think of it like hooking up a hose and then running it to various fixtures in a dwelling. This is a lot better than having to solder copper joints which is slower and can cause more errors.

Copper costs more than PEX. It is around a third of what they charge for copper in most areas, and you can pass the savings on to your clients. It may take a little bit of a unique setup tool, however, to use PEX but for most jobs that are medium sized and up it should work great.

There are three different colors to choose from when using PEX pipe. There is red, blue, and white. If you want to use the colors you can use red for hot and blue for cold. Other people are good at keeping track of what is what and they like to use the white variation for everything.

To splice PEX into a pipe that’s already there, you just have to cut a section and use a stab-in tee on it. You don’t have to solder, and that helps you to save time. But, you may have to speak with an inspector if you are working on certain connections since they aren’t allowed sometimes.

PEX doesn’t need to be split up with joints and elbows. You also don’t have to worry about it sweating when it’s in an area where humidity is a problem. The way to add a fitting is to crimp metal rings over fittings that are barbed. There is a special crimping tool that you need, so be sure you get the right one.

When using PEX piping, you need to buy the right connectors and fittings. A lot of companies manufacture this kind of thing, so you need to know that what you have matched up with everything else. Otherwise, you may end up with leaky connections that cause water damage.

The plumber I spoke with, (the best plumber in Guelph might I add) said that although PEX pipe is more expensive to purchase it is less labor intensive because they don’t’ have to solder every joint.

PEX piping, as you can now see, it is very easy to benefit from. If you have a plumbing job to do, you now know more about this and can decide if it’s going to work in your situation.